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Buxton Events

There always seems to be something happening in Buxton throughout all seasons of the year. The events are usually based around the museum, the stunning Pavilion Gardens and the Opera house, as well as through all the streets in the summer during Buxton Carnival week. This is the page to keep up-to-date with what's happening in Buxton at the moment, whether it is a garden party, an opera, a literary festival, or a puppet show. There are plenty of annual events which celebrate the quaint traditions of the ancient Peak District spa town with shows and theatrical productions making the town come alive at night.

The Comedy Club is full of laughter all year round and the acts are so diverse and different and unsurprisingly, a lot of comedians which start off here end up at the Opera house and then do arena tours and go on TV. The fringe Festival is a starting off point for Edinburgh, and is a must if you are staying in the area at that time. With Christmas carol concerts, Festival masses, orchestral productions and the markets all year through, Buxton is home to music, laughter and drama and there is always something happening to suit all tastes.

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