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Buxton Walks

There are some fabulous walks in and around the Buxton area but this particular one is a short 2 1/2 miles and takes about two hours to complete.

Starting off at the end of the car park at the West side of the Pavilion gardens, next to St John's Road and Burlington Road, it takes the walker past a lot of landmarks in the town, down the hill to Georgian Buxton, the Crescent in Devonshire hospital, the unique spa swimming baths, the opera house and you will also explore the extensive Pavilion Gardens and pass the Georgian buildings before going up to Higher Buxton and the remarkable St Anne's Church. Crossing the Southern fringe it also takes the walker beneath Grin plantation and to see Poole's Cavern.

Walk to the end of the car park, and join the tarmaced path through the Pavilion Gardens , pass the swimming pool and the Pavilion Gardens on your right. When you reach the end, turn left and pass the Opera House. Cross the road to St John's Church. Turn right and cross Manchester Road, and pass the Devonshire Royal Hospital on your left. Walk up Station Road to the railway station. Turn right and go down the no through Road, past the quadrant and opposite the Grove Hotel, crossover the road and walk along the Crescent on your right, before the information office and the old Hall Hotel.

Turn left and go up Hall bank to the marketplace and continue along to High-street. In front of the Swan Inn, turn right into Bath Road, so that the church is on your left. Continue to Macclesfield Road, cross over to your right and go up Temple Road to the footpath, which is signed Poole's cavern. Follow the road round to your right to Green Lane and you will see the cavern opposite.

Turn right and walk along Green Lane for 420 yards and just past it is Wood Hayes house on your right, and the fenced path down to Milldale Avenue. Cross this to your right and go down Hargate Road and when you reach the bottom, cross Dove Dale Crescent to your right and descend another fenced path and then a walled path to the Macclesfield Road. Turn left, and then right almost immediately through the stone stile and follow the path through woodland to a kissing gate. Continue past the houses to Lismore road and walk along here to Burlington Road where you will turn left and a little distance later, you will see the Pavilion Gardens on your right and the car park where you started from.

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